Where's Hitler?

I think I'm going to start a knockoff of "Where's Waldo." A photo in today's Washington Post inspired me.
Here's episode number one:

Did you find him?

This of course all hinges on me being able to find crowd shots with people who look like Hitler on a weekly basis.
I will post the answer key soon!


what the flying fudge?

So I'm on the email list for Allmediaoutlet.com. They are a pretty good website that has deals on bulk storage media for computers (and related accessories).

Today I get an email from them listing their various deals. At the bottom I find this:

ON SALE! Japanese Hand Forged Zatoichi Style Straight Katana Sword
Only A Limited Time
Lowest Price at the Market
$100.00 Each with Free Ground Shipping
,Coupon Code: AFD>

Does anyone else find this to be REALLY FREAKIN WIERD?
  1. Why is a bulk-media outlet selling katanas?
  2. How are they selling "hand made katanas" for only $100?
  3. what the hell?
Here's their full product link, which also contains a link to a video of the swords being hand made.

Man....maybe I should get one! This must be some fluke