Random Song Stuck In My Head of the Day

Assuming that I remember to do this, I'm starting a new dealy where I'm going to post the song that is randomly stuck in my head that day. This happens to me a lot. A song I probably haven't heard in months or years will just start looping in my head. Anyway, I'll only be updating this when it actually happens, so intervals will be whenever. Maybe one day, generations past, my progeny can look back at this and track my descent in to madness. Or, more likely, I will update it 8 times and then promptly forget about it. Going to do a double post today, since I "owe" a song that was definitely stuck in my head yesterday. So here's the song for Monday, October 15, 2012:

Not even my favorite Iggy track, not by a longshot. Beats me...

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