Dear Comcast, You Suck

...but I guess you don't care about customer dissatisfaction, do you? Of course not, you have a monopoly on Cable services in Arlington. Screw you!

My girlfriend just got that Comcast Triple-Play load of BS for her new apartment.
One of the many unexplained mysteries: Why is she paying for DIGITAL cable when we can't get any of the DIGITAL channels? When we first got there and stuck the coaxial into the TV, before having the cable guy come by and "install" the cable, we got all the regular cable channels already. So what the hell does this digital BS do? Give you a better cable signal? No, I don't think so. Every 15-20 minutes or so of viewing (no matter the channel) there is a "glitch." The picture becomes corrupted for a few seconds and the audio goes out. This happened at the last apartment too, with the included cable, so I'm pretty sure it's just a problem with Comcast as a whole.

Next on the agenda: Comcast HD. I don't have any problems with this initially. It looks fuckin' fantastic -- that is, when it works.
So my girlfriend decided to throw in the Comcast HD package to her services. It's only $5 extra month or something, so that's a pretty good deal, so why not, right? We both have some favorite shows on the network channels that broadcast in HD, so it works out nice for us. Only thing is, the constant "glitches." Seems HD is not free of the crappy signal either. These are even worse than the normal glitches though, because they happen about every 5 minutes. Sometimes less. Usually the picture stays fine, which is all nice, but the audio goes out. Just gone. Sometimes you miss several lines of dialog. WTF!?
We've actually ended up going back to regular cable to watch the shows because the amount of glitches is so obscene on the HD channels. So what's the point in that?

Hi-speed internet eh? Let me tell you, last night when I was using it, high-speed was not the phrase that came to mind. I was thinking more along the lines of "goddamnfuckingshitwhywontanypagesload." I get faster speed on this shared piece of crap line in my office. Not only that, but the cable modem they gave us is aparently a faulty piece of garbage. Every time you shut down the computer and then turn it back on later, the internet goes out. I have to reset the modem each time. God help me if I want to set up a router on it so we can have wireless.

Oh and to get some help and fix any of these issues, we have to get about 5 different guys on different days at different times to come out. Apparently Comcast doesn't train their techs in all aspects of the installations. They only train one person in one tiny specified area. Thanks jerks.

edit: I just realized that the template graphics for this blog look like the comcast triple-play logo. bah!

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