fuck you nVidia

Why the fuck do you jackasses have to keep changing the control panel interface in subsequent driver releases?! WHY!?!!?!? What the fuck is wrong with you? Nobody anywhere likes the changes! They all want it to look and function the old way. Do you assholes ever look at your forums? They are full of people who don't like it.

I don't see the point of oversimplifying and making a restrictive interface. The only people who are going to be tinkering with it are the ones who are very knowledgeable about computers and probably built their own machines. So there is no goddamned point in having an interface like that. The only point would be if the layman was doing those things, which they aren't.

Here's why I'm so mad: I have a graphics card that came factory overclocked (don't buy XFX cards, they blow). Unfortunately, this causes mad issues with games (ie, my computer fucking crashes to restart). After a while, my friend let me in on a fix to this. You get this thing called CoolBits, and it adds information to your registry that lets you adjust the clock settings from the nVidia control panel. Except now that they've completely changed the control panel, guess what, I can't fucking do that anymore! So now, of course, the crashes have started again. I have to choose between having the latest drivers and living with constant crashes, or rolling back the driver and not having any crashes. I think I'm going to roll back the driver. Eat shit nVidia. Stop fucking with stuff that doesn't need to be fucked with!

ps: your stupid nTune app fucking sucks. It claims that it will let me change the clock speeds on the card. Well I guess you didn't bother to fucking update it with the new CP interface, because all it does is take me to the CP page for the 3D app settings. NOT WHAT I WANTED! It doesn't do ANYTHING!

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