Someone actually gets paid for this crap?

Is it just me or have company slogans been getting stupider? Take for example Radio Shack's latest work of genius:
"Do Stuff."
What the HELL is that? Do I even have to explain how incredibly moronic that is? The scariest part is they probably paid some big advertising firm thousands of dollars to come up with it. The only excuse I could think of is that maybe they were trying to rip off something in the style of Nike's "Just Do It," but they failed miserably. In my mind, Radio Shack is about the lowest level electronics store anyways, but this slogan just brings them down to a whole new level of mind-boggling inanity. On their advertisements, this slogan is denoted as a Service Mark (SM). After reading the definition of an SM this makes no sense to me, as I would hardly consider the pseudo-sentence-fragment "Do Stuff" to be a service. Just the idea of trademarking such a stupid and basic phrase makes me want to punch somebody. Maybe this low level of brain-drudgery appeals to the morons who actually do things like buy cell phone plans at Radio Shack and are somehow duped into getting a sales commission for one of the sweaty Gil-esque salesdorks.

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