Local Baby Declared TEH WINNAR!

My friend alerted me to a hilarious news headline this morning:

Two years after US soldier's death, widow has his son

and no, it wasn't from The Onion.
There is something quite obviously wrong with that statement. After reading the actual story it wasn't nearly as funny as I had hoped -- it had to do with artificial insemination. This brings me to my real point:
I don't mean to diss the grieving widow of a soldier, but come on lady, what's wrong with you? You are essentially forcing your child to grow up without a father -- and you had a choice about it!
It's one thing if you were already pregnant and dad goes off and dies unexpectedly, but for him to die, and THEN you decide to impregnate yourself with his kid? What the fuck? I really fail to see how that honors him.

Anyways, after seeing the picture that accompanied the article, I came up with a more appropriate headline (which is what the title of this post is). Apparently this mongoloid baby is the spitting image of his dad too... yeesh... poor guy.

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