Something Is Rotten In the City of Arlington

Every night for the past week or so, there has been a foul stench in the air in Arlington, Virginia. It is distinctly the smell of sewage. So, does Arlington have a sewage problem? The curious thing is that the smell only arises at night. Last night it was particularly foul.

I realize this is my second post in a week about malodorous scents. Before you start thinking that I'm just some oversensitive assbag, I did confirm this with my coworker who also lives in Arlington. He too has smelled an overpowering sewage stench hanging in the air recently.

So what the deal is?
I'm gonna see if I can find anything on the Arlington County website, cause this has to stop. It's plenty cool out so I leave my windows open at night, but then the terrible smell wafts on it.

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